Dismantling Gringismo in Education

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The authors approach this paper from their own positionality, incorporating their experiences at a Predominantly White Institution (PWI) while pursuing their doctoral education into a discussion of colonialism throughout the United States’ educational system. This manuscript conceptualizes education as a tool of assimilation when viewed through the settler narrative. Utilizing the concepts of Tribal Critical Race Theory and Historical Trauma, education is revealed as a from of settler colonial narrative, displacing and erasing Indigenous people.

Keywords: Education, Decolonization, Indigenous Liberation Epistemology, gringismo, tribal critical race theory

How to Cite: Atekpatzin Young, D. , Garcia-Olp, M. C. & Samimi, C. (2020) “Dismantling Gringismo in Education”, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis. 9(1). doi: