Black Bodies/Whiteness Infringed-Yet Still We Rise



Black Bodies/Whiteness Infringed was birthed as I, a Black woman recognized the many marketed buzzwords such as equity, inclusion, and justice were nothing more than an opportunity to further commodify Black Bodies, the exacerbation of indoctrination, trauma, and maintaining the status quo. These types of experiences are not only limited to PreK-12. The same pushout and plantation politics occur in higher education (PWI's), as it is structural, institutional, systemic and systematic, and occurs at the hands of white supremacists, silent killers, and internalized racists. This artistic poetic justice piece is on behalf of every forced resilient BIPOC who has to endure plantation systems.

Keywords: Revolution, Economics, Enslaved, Whiteness, Black bodies

How to Cite: Dean, A. (2020) “Black Bodies/Whiteness Infringed-Yet Still We Rise”, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis. 10(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/jctp.11577