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Synthesis Flow

  • Jean Louise Parsons (University of Missouri)
  • Kristen Deanne Morris (Colorado State University)


Synthesis Flow was an experiment to blend digitally printed textiles with laser cutting where the laser cutting was used to make cuts into the printed cloth and create unique forms that shape the cloth to fit the body. Emerging from photographs of water flowing under ice and photographs of rust, the art was digitally printed on silk crepe and fused to a silk dupioni with a layer of fusible web. When cut with the laser cutter, the fusible web seals the cut edge, preventing it from fraying. Synthesis Flow exemplifies how a synthesis of technologies can be used to push design innovation in ways that are not possible by using one technology alone.

Keywords: design process, laser cutting

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Parsons, J. L. & Morris, K. D., (2019) “Synthesis Flow”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 76(1). doi:

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Published on
15 Dec 2019