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The Soundless Outcry

  • Heajoo Lee (Central Michigan University)
  • Li Jiang (Central Michigan University)
  • Su Kyoung An (Central Michigan University)


The Soundless Outcry was an ensemble that was inspired by the Declaration of Korean Independence (Figure 1), which was announced by 33 ethnic representatives in Korea on March 1919, for Korea’s independence (Kim, 2019). In 1919, Korea was under Japanese colonial rule for nine years. Some intellectual Koreans secretly prepared the Declaration of Independence for Korea’s independence (Ch’oe, Lee, & Bary, 2000). They announced that Korea would no longer tolerate Japanese colonial rule through the Declaration of Korea Independence on March 1st, 1919 in public (Kim, 2019). This announcement was the largely peaceful speech in the world and followed more than a million Koreans’ non-violent and democratic uprising. It also became the spark of the March 1st civil movement that led Korea to independence. Nearly thirty years later, Korea gained independence after the defeat of the Empire of Japan in World War II (Ch’oe, Lee, & Bary, 2000). As the design scholars, The Soundless Outcry was designed to commemorate 100 years of March 1st Movement and to remind the importance and meaning of Korean’s non-violent and democratic uprising through the Declaration of Korean Independence.

Keywords: Declaration, Korean independence, laser cutting

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Lee, H. & Jiang, L. & An, S., (2019) “The Soundless Outcry”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 76(1). doi:

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Published on
15 Dec 2019