Pedagogy and Professional Development

A Fashion Trend Forecasting Course as a Gateway to Career Discovery

  • Ann Marie Marie Fiore (Iowa State University)
  • Danielle S. Testa (Iowa State University)


The purpose of this study was to explore a new undergraduate course that has been conceptualized to foster student trend forecasting skills and abilities to adapt those skills to various fashion industry roles. This could enable students to both (a) understand the broader application of trend forecasting in the fashion industry and (b) reflect on their personal interest in various industry roles as a part of career discovery. The Revised Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning was utilized in the development of this course. It was intended that students would transition from understanding, applying, evaluating, and creating trend forecasts. First, in general contexts and then in the context of specific industry careers. It was also intended that such exploration would allow students to have a stronger understanding of how trend forecasting is utilized within the fashion industry and assist students in their personal career discovery process.

Keywords: Bloom’s Taxonomy, Bloom's Taxonomy, trend forecasting, career discovery, course

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Fiore, A. M. & Testa, D. S., (2019) “A Fashion Trend Forecasting Course as a Gateway to Career Discovery”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 76(1). doi:

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Published on
15 Dec 2019