Sustainability and Social Responsibility

A Sequential Approach to Domains of Fashion Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Soo-Kyoung Ahn (Chonnam National University)
  • Sua Jeon (Texas Wesleyan University)


In spite of different endeavors to approach corporate social responsibility (CSR), this study questions its legitimacy of dimension and viewpoint. Firstly, most studies are limited by employing Carroll's conceptual taxonomy (1979, 1991) which has not been empirically validated. Secondly, although consumers have emerged as a major stakeholder of CSR, CSR is generally defined based on managers’ perceptions of what a socially responsible company should be. Therefore, this study employs a sequential approach to Fashion Corporate Social Responsibility (FCSR) to identify and validate its dimension from the consumer perspective. This study involves a three-phase procedure: item generation, item reduction, and item validation with data of 1,000 adult samples. Upon employing a sequential approach, this study attempts to identify domains of FCSR from a consumer perspective. First, this study empirically extracted seven atomized domains of FCSR: environmental, ethical, social, internal management,philanthropy, economic, and legal. This result depicts that consumers not only perceive different forms of FCSR as the previous studies proposed, but also identify different FCSR domains in more detail. It suggests that fashion firms promote more specified FCSR activities which consumers may recognize and consider them as differentiated attributes of corporates.

Keywords: Consumer Perspective, CSR Domains, Fashion Corporate Social Responsibility

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Ahn, S. & Jeon, S., (2019) “A Sequential Approach to Domains of Fashion Corporate Social Responsibility”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 76(1). doi:

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Published on
15 Dec 2019