Creative Design: Undergraduate


  • Katya Roelse (University of Delaware)
  • Wing Tang (University of Delaware)


The fashion industry has a tremendous amount of influence in the marketplace and its manufacturing practices have been environmentally and socially devastating. The industry is underutilizing sustainable design methods and it’s more important than ever to create more meaningful designs. This can be accomplished by incorporating zero-waste patternmaking and Haute Couture techniques. I was inspired by the Parisian Neo-Byzantine dome architecture of the Galeries Lafayette and Maison Margiela’s use of mixing surface design with unconventional materials. The dress is draped both organically and structurally and is produced using a variety of silk and vinyl fabrics. I layered and smocked the surfaces to create shape and dimension and mimic the structure and stained glass of the dome. This fabric manipulation also allowed me to utilize all of my fabric, while creating a collage of layers and transparencies. 

Keywords: Haute Couture

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Roelse, K. & Tang, W., (2019) “Eclectic”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 76(1). doi:



Published on
15 Dec 2019