Consumer Behavior

The Role of Curiosity on Showrooming and Webrooming

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This study aimed to explore what motivates consumers’ exploratory behavior in an omni-channel context. Specifically, this study tested a conceptual model delineating how each dimension of curiosity (interest vs. deprivation) affects showrooming and webrooming through two mediating variables: market mavenism and consumer innovativeness. A total of 350 participants were recruited and SEM analysis was conducted. The findings from the study is conducive to understanding the underlying mediating process of market mavenism. It was revealed that market mavens motivated by interest curiosity tend to engage in both showrooming and webrooming. While both interest curiosity and deprivation curiosity showed an association with consumer innovativeness, innovativeness was not supported as a mediating variable. This study extended the research scope of consumers’ omni-channel retailing and exploratory behavior based on the epistemic theory of curiosity. 

Keywords: omni-channel retailing, curiosity, Showrooming, webrooming

How to Cite: Kim, H. & Huh, J. (2019) “The Role of Curiosity on Showrooming and Webrooming”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 76(1). doi: