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Hands and Holy Grail Mini-Dress

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My intention is to illustrate how fine art can influence fashion design. Fine art painting inspires my textile designs. The integration of my two-dimensional designs into three-dimensional garments is my design challenge—to create an original 2-D design and form it into a unique and innovative 3-D form. Derived from parts of a painting that took three months to complete, this print was developed through dozens of Photoshop iterations. The painting was chosen because I was curious about how the series of hands that appear in it could wrap around the body in the shape of a dress. The title of the dress reflects the hands from the original painting around the chalice-shaped figure that resulted from the repeat technique of mirroring—used to evoke the painter’s surrealistic style. The irregular but symmetric tucks near the midriff are intended to manipulate the print and form while adding surface texture. 

Keywords: Fine Art

How to Cite: Reams, D. , Dawoud, H. & Rushing, L. D. (2019) “Hands and Holy Grail Mini-Dress”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 76(1). doi: