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Omni-Channel Retailing in the Fashion Industry: A Literature Review of Empirical Evidences

  • Ting Chi (Washington State University)
  • Yini Chen (Washington State University)


This study conducted a content-analysis literature review to investigate what problems have already been studied and what problems that were neglected but critical to the success of omni-channel retailing and need to be further explored.  80 peer-reviewed articles related to the research topic were gathered by key word search through Google Scholar and Search IT. The popular themes studied in omni-channeling fashion retailing include channel migration, utilities, logistics/warehouse operations, and information system. Company contingency was identified as one of less developed area in omni-channel fashion retailing.  Another theme that demands more research to gain better knowledge is inventory management. Another missing point lies in the supply chain of omni-channel retailing. Very few articles addressed manufacturers’ roles and their functions in the omni-channel retail supply chain. This topic has only been mentioned in the articles about mass customization and made-to-measure services. 

Keywords: literature review, Omnichannel retailing, fashion industry

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Chi, T. & Chen, Y., (2019) “Omni-Channel Retailing in the Fashion Industry: A Literature Review of Empirical Evidences”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 76(1). doi:



Published on
15 Dec 2019