Creative Design: Graduate

Engineering Art Nouveau

  • Chanmi G. Hwang (Iowa State University)


The purpose of this design is to virtually engineer digital textile prints and laser cut patterns to explore innovative design methods and create a complex dress: both laser cutting and digital printing explore various ways to replicate the stained leaded glass effects. The source of design inspiration of this design is Tiffany lamps, which is stained leaded glass lamps originally designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany (Frelinghuysen, Cooney, & Obniski, 2007): these lamps are considered part of the Art Nouveau movement. The designer explored digital print patterns with different hues and saturations for the effects of lights that come out of the lamp. This design process of integrating various technologies gives new insights to design students in an educational setting. Therefore, designers can also take opportunistic advantage of emerging technologies that give them access to new solutions and aid the productivity of the design process.

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Hwang, C. G., (2016) “Engineering Art Nouveau”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 73(1).

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Published on
12 Sep 2016
Peer Reviewed