Consumer Behavior

Compulsive and Impulsive Shoppers: Hoarding of Fast Fashion Products

  • Sergio C. Bedford (Texas State University)
  • Gwendolyn Hustvedt (Texas State University)
  • Vertica Bhardwaj (Texas State University)


Although anecdotal evidence suggests that fast fashion is made of low quality materials, little research has been done to understand how perceptions of fast fashion quality affects consumer purchasing frequency. Furthermore, studies have identified that compulsive and impulsive shopping is tied to hoarding behavior including difficulty discarding and value oriented hoarding. The connection between fast fashion purchasing frequency and compulsive, impulsive and hoarding behaviors has not been, a gap in the research which this study sought to fill. To understand impulsive and compulsive consumers' fast fashion purchasing frequency and the effects that the apparel quality had on hoarding behaviors, an online survey was conducted with a random nationwide sample of 500 women ages 18-59. This homogenous sample was evenly distributed across ages and the resulting racial ethnicities closely represented US population. Results are discussed and implications are provided.

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Bedford, S. C. & Hustvedt, G. & Bhardwaj, V., (2016) “Compulsive and Impulsive Shoppers: Hoarding of Fast Fashion Products”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 73(1).

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Published on
08 Nov 2016
Peer Reviewed