Consumer Behavior

Is the Price Right? Understanding Eco-friendly Apparel Consumption

  • Tracie Tung (Oregon State University)
  • Hsiou-Lien Chen (Oregon State University)


It has been recognized as a challenging task to market green products (Gleim, et al, 2013). Gleim et al. identified eight categories of green consumption barriers; the most frequently noted barrier is perceived high price of green products followed by perceived low quality and lack of expertise. A study focused on eco-friendly apparel found that consumers’ low level of acquisition stems from a lack of knowledge, a negative attitude towards product attributes, limited product availability, and economic reasons (price) (Connell, 2010). Among all the challenges, studies have shown that price seems to be the most significant barrier throughout the range of green products, suggesting that consumers are not satisfied with current retailers’ pricing strategy.

Keywords: product involvement, Eco-friendly apparel, reference price, self-identity, loyalty

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Tung, T. & Chen, H., (2014) “Is the Price Right? Understanding Eco-friendly Apparel Consumption”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 71(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2014
Peer Reviewed