Pedagogy and Professional Development

Exploring Naive Spatial Understanding in Patternmaking

  • Kristen D Morris (University of Missouri)
  • Susan P. Ashdown (Cornell Uiversity)
  • Charlotte Coffman (Cornell University)
  • Fran Kozen (Cornell University)
  • Katherine Dao (Cornell University)
  • Denise Nicole Green (Cornell University)
  • Lucy E. Dunne (University of Minnesota)
  • Jordyn Reich (University of Minnesota)


In clothing design, spatial visualization makes it possible to read an image (sketch or photograph) and understand the 3D shape and the 2D pattern that creates the shape by inferring information not evident in the single view image. This research builds on a past study of naïve spatial understanding of pattern shapes which identified straight gathers and the combination of straight gathers and flare as sources of misunderstanding for middle school girls and university freshmen (Dunne et al., 2014). Here, we discuss the instructional strategy and results of our activity and identify sources of spatial misunderstanding in middle school girls.

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Morris, K. D., Ashdown, S. P., Coffman, C., Kozen, F., Dao, K., Green, D. N., Dunne, L. E. & Reich, J., (2015) “Exploring Naive Spatial Understanding in Patternmaking”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 72(1).

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Published on
11 Nov 2015
Peer Reviewed