Consumer Behavior

Effect of Time Horizon Perspective on Apparel Liking

  • Hyunjoo Im (University of Minnesota)
  • Jayoung Koo (University of Minnesota)
  • Minjung Park (University of Minnesota)


Recent studies revealed the importance of time horizon perspectives in understanding happiness derived from consumption (i.e., post-purchase consumption evaluation) (Bhattacharjee & Mogilner, 2014; Carter & Gilovich, 2012). Most studies advocate the increased importance of experience consumption (e.g., travel) over material consumption (e.g., apparel) to consumers with limited time horizon. Although these studies have deepened our understanding of consumers’ motivation, prior research does not provide informative implication to apparel retailers. The current study aims to fill this gap and investigate the role of time horizon in consumers’ apparel pre-purchase evaluation.

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Im, H. & Koo, J. & Park, M., (2015) “Effect of Time Horizon Perspective on Apparel Liking”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 72(1).

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Published on
11 Nov 2015
Peer Reviewed