Understanding toward Mobile Phone Case Evaluative Criteria among U.S. Millennials

  • Kim H. Y. Hahn (Kent State University)
  • Jihyun Kim orcid logo (Kent State University)


Personality and other personal traits play a critical role in major selection for college students. Studies have found that student’s pattern of interests and individual personality were very strong predictors of a student’s major choice (Allen & Robbins, 2008). Based on past research, it seems that college major choice can be a valuable factor to be studied to understand contemporary millennial consumers. One of the distinctive characteristics of Millennials is their early and frequent exposure to technology (Bolton et al., 2013). Millennials are also known for their powerful aggregate spending and heavy usage of mobile devices and services. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of personal traits of college students with different majors on the selection of a mobile phone case based on certain attribute.

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Hahn, K. H. & Kim, J., (2015) “Understanding toward Mobile Phone Case Evaluative Criteria among U.S. Millennials”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 72(1).

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Published on
11 Nov 2015
Peer Reviewed