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Creative Scholarship Related to Promotion & Tenure in the 21st Century

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Creative scholarship can be an importantaspect to the promotion and tenure process. Since creative scholarship is oneway that scholars produce research in creative fields, there is a need toreassess the importance of creative scholarship according to present daystandards influenced by the recent COVID-19 pandemic which disrupted creativescholarship projects, data collection, and dissemination of new knowledge acquiredthrough research. This research aimed to determine current practices for thegeneration and submitting of creative scholarship for the purposes of promotionand tenure. For this pilot study, 39 participants at an internationalconference were asked to fill out an online survey. The survey consisted of 30Likert-type questions, two open-ended questions, and 10 close-ended questions. Accordingto the results, there is an evident disparity between generating creative workscompared to submitting creative works and perceived value of creativescholarship compared to traditional scholarship for promotion and tenurepurposes.

Keywords: Creative Scholarship, Promotion and Tenure, 21st Century

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