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Inter-generational Mentorship Workshop

  • Jung Eun Ha-Brookshire (University of Missouri)
  • Nancy A. Rudd (Ohio State University)
  • Kristen D. Morris (University of Missouri)
  • Tameka N. Ellington (Kent State University)
  • Lynn M. Boorady (SUNY-Buffalo State)


Overall, over 35 people participated in the workshop and we had inspiring conversations while learning about different phases of academic careers. Several members commented after the workshop that we need more conversations or opportunities like this. And, the majority of the participants, a total of 27, stated that they want to be mentors for others based on the experiences we had during the 2017 workshop. To respond to such requests, our group proposed (a) to write a newsletter with the summary of the 2017 workshop discussion over the 2018 calendar year to further disseminate our conversations with the rest of ITAA members; (b) to propose a monograph related to inter-generational mentoring, and (c) to host another workshop in 2018 to continue our inter-generational mentoring efforts.

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Ha-Brookshire, J. & Rudd, N. A. & Morris, K. D. & Ellington, T. N. & Boorady, L. M., (2017) “Inter-generational Mentorship Workshop”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 74(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2017
Peer Reviewed