Creative Design: Undergraduate

Dragonfly Jacket Waterproof Jacket and Climbing Pant for Female Rock Climbers

  • Elise Hadjis (Colorado State University)
  • Kristen Deanne Morris (Colorado State University)
  • Kevin Kissell (Colorado State University)
  • Jennifer Worrell (Colorado State University)


A novel waterproof membrane system is explored in this research project, and its potential for advanced functional capabilities for outdoor sports, specifically rock climbing. Rock climbing possesses specific functionality needs of clothing due to the climbing harnesses and high degree of mobility required for the sport. For outdoor climbing, the wearer is highly exposed to the weather on a rock face, and protection from the elements is a large concern. The base layers in this outfit are designed for comfort and a wide range of motion featuring a compression top with a unique carbon yarn material for muscular support. The lamination system used in this jacket allows for a unique partial waterproof system, combining waterproof protection with airflow for a high-performance garment that is impossible with current waterproof technologies.

Keywords: functional clothing design, waterproof membrane, rock climbing, 3-layer lamination

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Hadjis, E., Morris, K. D., Kissell, K. & Worrell, J., (2022) “Dragonfly Jacket Waterproof Jacket and Climbing Pant for Female Rock Climbers”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 79(1). doi:

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Published on
31 Dec 2022
Peer Reviewed