Creative Design: Graduate

Joya's Dragon

  • Constance R Spotts (Iowa State University)
  • Ling Zhang orcid logo (Iowa State University)


Through the ages the concept of “what is art” has changed but one thing has not changed, the reward of displaying the art.  From master painters to photographers, the mark of making it in your chosen art medium is having your art displayed for others to view.  Imagine the excitement and empowerment if a child wore their own artwork. This design was an exploration of that concept inspired by a six-year old’s drawing of a dragon, digitally printed.  The silhouette of a cape was chosen to characterize the stories of childhood where children wear capes and have great adventures. This design demonstrated the representable quality of digital printing was viable for creating a wearable gallery for a child. Free-motion quilting used, only added dimension and interest without distraction of the focus of the design - a six-year old’s masterpiece.

Keywords: Digital Printing, Free-motion quilting, Child’s Art, Child's Wear

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Spotts, C. R. & Zhang, L., (2022) “Joya's Dragon”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 79(1). doi:

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Published on
31 Dec 2022
Peer Reviewed