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Functional Period Panty for People with Disability

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People with Disabilities (PWDs) is difficult to find functional intimate apparel (Chapin, 2015). In addition, traditional tampons are an ecological disaster for the environment (Siegle, 2017). However, despite the potential market for adaptive intimate apparel, there are few design research studies exploring intimate apparel for PWDs. Therefore, this research study aimed to explore functional underwear that is easy to wear, skin-friendly, and environmentally friendly and to design a functional period panty for PWDs. The researcher used the qualitative research method and the user-centered design (UCD) framework to engage with PWDs to understand their intimate apparel challenges and needs. 

Keywords: Functional period panty, Adaptive apparel, Sustainability, Textile innovation

How to Cite: Wu, J. & McBee-Black, K. (2022) “Functional Period Panty for People with Disability”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 79(1). doi: