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Benefits of Program Accreditation--An Administrative Perspective

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This Special Topics Session featured a panel presentation focused on observations and experiences of the panelists with respect to various types of institutional and program accreditations and program reviews.  Panelists discussed the benefits and challenges accompanying the pursuit and eventual granting of accredited status.  Ongoing benefits realized as a result of program accreditation were discussed as were challenges experienced by programs undergoing the accreditation application and review process.  Panelists provided recommendations for programs considering or in the process of applying for accreditation.  Experience with Textile and Apparel Program Accreditation (TAPAC) application, review and ultimate accreditation were discussed.

Keywords: accreditation, advocacy, recruitment, evaluation & planning, assessment

How to Cite: Youngblade, L. , Hawley, J. M. , Haar, S. J. , Rees, K. & Warfield, C. L. (2022) “Benefits of Program Accreditation--An Administrative Perspective”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 79(1). doi: