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Consonance of 3D Printed Fiber Network

  • Young-A Lee orcid logo (Auburn University)
  • Yu Li (Auburn University)


This design, consisting of a high waist skirt and a sleeveless vest, is the outcome of the designers’ 3D printing (3DP) textile innovation challenge, especially focusing on the seamless joint process of 3D printed panels for wearables and drapability of the newly developed 3D printed textile. The design comprised with 164 panels embedding two flower-inspired textile motifs. Considering wearers’ function and comfort, 3D printed fabrics were developed with lace pattern structures that provide better flexibility and stretchability. With the flexible 3DP filament, lace structured patten, and seamless adhesive joint method, 3D printed textiles in this design were created to replicate traditional lace structured fabrics, considering high drapability. The wearables created by using this novel 3D printed seamless textiles opens the great potential of 3DP for the use in fashion. Fused deposition modeling 3DP method with thermoplastic polyurethane filaments was applied to create this design.

Keywords: 3D Printed textiles, drapability, textile innovation, wearables

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Lee, Y. & Li, Y., (2022) “Consonance of 3D Printed Fiber Network”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 79(1). doi:

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Published on
31 Dec 2022
Peer Reviewed