Concurrent Sessions

Creating Culture: Dress Codes and Uniform Policies in US Public Schools

  • Josephine Moreno (University of Rhode Island)
  • Sharron Lennon (Ohio State University)
  • Gwendolyn O'Neal (Kansas State University)
  • Teresa McCarthy (University of Tennessee)


Dress codes and uniform policies in public schools have been hotly debated in recent years across the US. As scholars in the field of textiles and clothing, ITAA members can enhance this dialogue by drawing on the growing number of studies conducted in our field of textiles and clothing. What is evident across these studies is that new cultural envi-ronments are being intentionally and uninten-tionally created and transmitted through both formal and informal means. Panel participants explored the creation and communication of culture that occurs when dress codes or uni-form policies are considered and implemented in US public schools.

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Moreno, J., Lennon, S., O'Neal, G. & McCarthy, T., (1998) “Creating Culture: Dress Codes and Uniform Policies in US Public Schools”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 1999(1).

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Published on
31 Dec 1998