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Apparel Retail Firms’ Sourcing Governance Choice: Shared vs. Integrated Mode

  • Jinsook Cho (Washington State University)


One of the most important decisions facing global sourcing is to determine what type of organizational arrangement to perform the sourcing tasks; this is called the governance decision. While there have been several theoret-ical and empirical studies on the governance decision for international business, most of these studies have centered on the distribution of domestic products in foreign markets, and very little attention has been paid to global sourcing despite its increased significance. In particular, no study has examined global sourcing as a problem facing retail firms. This study was conducted to fill this gap. Specifically, it investigates how the choice of sourcing governance-shared-control vs. integrated mode -differs in terms of buying firms' perceived level of asset specificity, uncertainty caused by social-cultural differences and country risk, firm size, sourcing volume, and the years of experience in global sourcing.

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Cho, J., (1998) “Apparel Retail Firms’ Sourcing Governance Choice: Shared vs. Integrated Mode”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 1999(1).

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Published on
31 Dec 1998