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Profiling Consumer Interest in Mass Customization

  • Melissa Bierdon (Auburn University)
  • Lenda Jo Anderson-Connell (Auburn University)


The purpose of this research was to measure the interest of female consumers in levels and options for mass customization of apparel as proposed by the Mass Customization: Consumer-Driven Model. A national sample consisting of 1011 females ages 18-76 was used to identify profiles of those interested in four different scenarios identified by the model. The survey instrument, piloted in a previous research study, measured the relationships between shopping preferences, demographics, feelings about clothing and shopping, innovativeness, computer use and enjoyment, previous experience with customized apparel, and time pressure and the scenarios representing Online Service Access, using an Interactive Personal Advisor, using a Smart Card, and participating in Customized Design.

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Bierdon, M. & Anderson-Connell, L. J., (1998) ‚ÄúProfiling Consumer Interest in Mass Customization‚ÄĚ, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 1999(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 1999