Creative Design: Professional

Cubist Rhapsody

  • Adriana Gorea (University of Delaware)
  • Katya Roelse (University of Delaware)


The introduction of face masks as required safety accessories during the COVID-19 pandemic brought up wearable challenges for music performers, such as the faculty body of the music department at our university. In preparation for an upcoming virtual concert, the septet faculty ensemble approached the two fashion designers, asking for help with customized face masks solutions that will not only be safe while playing in-person on stage, but also not impede the player's unique movements, be aesthetically coordinated and expressive of the musicians personas and play. Given the social distancing limitations of interaction with the musicians, various technologies were used to facilitate communication during the user-centered part of the design process. Fourteen unique face masks were designed, as two sets of seven masks, one set in a brighter color story to be worn before intermission, and one monochromatic set for after intermission. Within each set, the masks were customized for fit and expression for each player.

Keywords: functional design, face mask, surface design, digital print

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Gorea, A. & Roelse, K., (2022) “Cubist Rhapsody”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 78(1). doi:

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Published on
23 Sep 2022
Peer Reviewed