Consumer Behavior

How COVID-19 Has Shaped Gen Z’s Fashion Consumption Values?

  • Joohye Hwang (University of Missouri)
  • Li Zhao (University of Missouri)


This study aims to identify Gen Z consumers’ burgeoning themes in their fashion consumption by conducting data-mining-based content analysis, using recent reports under the consumption value theory. The results reveal significant themes in Gen Z fashion consumers’ values. The first theme, sustainability (environmental and social concerns), demonstrates that sustainability influences Gen Z’s consumption behavior and brand choice. The second theme group, digital and content, indicates that Gen Z consumers influence the market by spreading their values (authenticity, inclusivity, and diversity) through social media. The third theme group, retail, fashion, and pandemic, represents Gen Z’s resilience that drives virtual shifts and transitions in the market during the pandemic. The last theme, jeans with style, demonstrates that Gen Z consumers pursue a comfortable fit when choosing clothes, reflecting their inclusive value. The findings provide a macro perspective framework of Gen Z’s fashion consumption values, establishing a practical foundation for predicting future trends.

Keywords: Gen Z, Covid 19, Fashion consumption value

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Hwang, J. & Zhao, L., (2022) “How COVID-19 Has Shaped Gen Z’s Fashion Consumption Values?”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 78(1). doi:

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Published on
23 Sep 2022
Peer Reviewed