Creative Design: Professional




This design project aimed to visualize the distinct dress-body relationship established in Eastern and Western cultures through a form of a single garment. At a glimpse, Allelomorph, consisting of a strapless dress and vest, appears to be in a perfect symmetry but there are a number of innovative design elements creating a subtle asymmetry within this design. First, each side panel of the vest made of 3D printed pieces was assembled in a different configuration, therefore it can be manipulated into different silhouettes (either more body-fitting or independent of the body). Secondly, there are vertical slits in different lengths dispersed along the skirt seam lines, which are intentionally placed to create asymmetry. Lastly, 5 sets of ties sewn inside the skirt at the waist and at various levels from top to hem allowing the designer (and wearer) to give a myriad of silhouette options, like adjustable length, shape and size.


How to Cite: Shin, J. (2018) “Allelomorph”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 75(1).