Creative Design: Undergraduate

Fight or Flight

  • Rebecca Nelson (Iowa State University)
  • Ling Zhang orcid logo (Iowa State University)


Fight or Flight is a conceptual handbag accessory with the purpose of promoting both suicide and mental health awareness in a remarkable and unique way. Several visual properties were used to create such an impact including the embossed suicide awareness hotline number, the outline of faces on each color blocked panel, and the handles of the piece are equally as impactful. The inspiration behind the handle element was to portray life, frozen in time. This aspect was executed by using real, live flowers and solidifying them in resin - literally freezing them in time. Fight or Flight is a visually impactful, unique, and sentimental handbag accessory that is meant to evoke an emotional conversation in regard to mental health. The combination of aesthetic and visual elements make for an interesting and complimentary piece that can elevate and add meaning to any wardrobe.  

Keywords: conceptual design, resin, experimental, Handbag

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Nelson, R. & Zhang, L., (2020) “Fight or Flight”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 77(1). doi:



Published on
28 Dec 2020
Peer Reviewed