Social Problems or Social Assets: A Prototype for Integration of Microcultures into the Curriculum

  • Sherry Washburn (Iowa State University)


Integration is the key to making multicultural education a vital part of the curriculum at all levels. The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with a prototype for a fully integrative, interdisciplinary multicultural class that presents cultural information for each of the major ethnic "families" (Hispanic American, Native American, African American, and Asian American) and their multicultural offspring (bicultural groups such as Hispanic-Native American, Black Indians, African-Asian Americans, and Asian-Hispanic Americans). No one unit is separated from the others; yet, as individual ethnicities are studied and integrated into the material already presented, contributions to the following fields will be addressed: math, science, arts, language, social science, education, politics, public service, and sports. Four threads run through the entire class: the Eurocentric view with which students are familiar, the inclusion of women, the multicultural lens through which to view all the perspectives presented, and an emphasis on dispelling myths. Non-Eurocentric learning styles will be addressed through strategies that include responsive activities and Mind Mapping.



Published on
03 Mar 2000
Peer Reviewed