The Womyn Behind the Counselor: A Panel Discussion of Transitions to a Predominantly White Institution

  • Izzy Tenbrook (Iowa State University)


The purpose of this interactive panel is to educate
staff, faculty, and students on the experiences counseling doctoral students have when transitioning from a racially/ethnically diverse institution or neighborhood to a predominantly White institution (PWI). We hope that our audience may gain a better understanding of how our transition experiences affect our relations with racial/ethnic minority students and our multicultural training experiences on campus. The panel will consist of five doctoral students representing Latina/o, Asian American, East Asian, biracial, and White cultural backgrounds. They will share their unique experiences with identifying with the majority (e.g., predominantly Latina/o or Asian) versus minority racial/ethnic groups, helping racial/ethnic minority students navigate feelings of marginalization at a PWI, and seeking out opportunities to engage with racial/ethnic communities on campus. The moderator will facilitate the panel with prepared questions, but time will also be allotted for questions from the audience. The panelists and moderator will share about a new free and confidential drop-in consultation program that students can use to gain a counselor's perspective and/or learning about

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Published on
04 Mar 2016
Peer Reviewed