Being Invisible: Asian American and Pacific Islander Students on Campus

  • Julian Neely (Iowa State University)
  • Maeve McCloskey (Iowa State University)
  • Jazlyn Talley (Iowa State University)
  • Nayelie Valenzuela (Iowa State University)


As diversity and inclusion committees and administration change policies to become more inclusive, who’s invited to the conversation? In matters of diversity and race, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students are often left out of the conversation at Iowa State University. This session will cover the issues that AAPI students face as both the “model minorities” (a stereotype of being academically advanced with high achievements in the STEM field and being complacent with issues of social justice) and “invisible minorities” (underrepresented in multiple aspects in society) at Iowa State. A content analysis of current diversity and inclusion policies and programs implemented at Iowa State University over the past 5 years and university data will be examined. Facilitators will discuss solutions for more meaningful presence of AAPI student interests at the university, including university efforts to promote diversity and inclusion and invitations to the AAPI community to speak on public forums, or sessions with student government.

How to Cite:

Neely, J. & McCloskey, M. & Talley, J. & Valenzuela, N., (2018) “Being Invisible: Asian American and Pacific Islander Students on Campus”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity 19(1).



Published on
02 Mar 2018
Peer Reviewed