Asian American and Pacific Islanders: Slipping through the Cracks

  • Daniel Acuña (Iowa State University)
  • Dimitri English (Iowa State University)
  • Lynette Kwaw-Mensah (Iowa State University)
  • Tiffany Poen (Iowa State University)


The popular construction of what we perceive Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) people to be often forgets and excludes not only other Asian people, but Pacific Islanders all together. This lumping together of pan-ethnic races is problematic, as it puts various cultures and identities into one monolithic box. In this presentation, we will examine the historical context of why Asian American and Pacific Islanders are excluded from the ethnic narrative, and how harmful this exclusion can be as we see it play it in contemporary times through media and other avenues. We will also explore the results of marginalization that has manifested in resources and access of higher education in the United States.

How to Cite:

Acuña, D. & English, D. & Kwaw-Mensah, L. & Poen, T., (2020) “Asian American and Pacific Islanders: Slipping through the Cracks ”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity 21(1).



Published on
05 Mar 2020
Peer Reviewed