Rejection and Denial: The Afro-Latinx Identity

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Current issues in the United States regarding the prevalence of racial and ethnic inequality has created an increase in consciousness regarding race and ethnicity. Individuals who possess multiple racial or ethnic identity categories are often disregarded as a result of the societal norm of identifying people as monoracial or in the polarized Black or White binary. For Afro-Latinx individuals—those of African and Latinx descent—this statement is especially true. Slavery, colonialism, nationalism, and independence are the foundations which consolidate into this community’s complex struggles and experiences. This presentation will explore the historic and contemporary oppressive systems which Afro-Latinx individuals encounter by examining topics related to identity development, slavery, colorism, as well as the relationship between race, ethnicity, and class.


How to Cite: Amos, A. , Burton, M. , Evans, S. & Leum, B. (2018) “Rejection and Denial: The Afro-Latinx Identity”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 19(1).