Who Gets to Decide? The Experiences of Multiracial Individuals

  • Rachel Barnes (Iowa State University)
  • Araceli Lopez (Iowa State University)
  • Emily Villarreal (Iowa State University)


“You don’t look completely X, but you could also be a little Y. So, I think you’re Z.” Everyday people subconsciously decide identities of individuals, ultimately playing a crucial role in their personal identity development. Multiracial individuals are impacted by their surrounding communities (i.e. neighbors, friends, and teachers), their direct families, and individuals that they may have no personal relationship with. By observing others interactions, news, and everyday encounters, individuals are exposed to many understandings of their own race and identity. This interactive session will examine the role communities serve in influencing multiracial individuals in the forming of four identity formations: Transcendentalist, Integrationalist, Strategic, and Foundational (terms defined in session). Presenters will provide a platform for discussing the issues multiracial individuals face as they develop and define their racial identity.

How to Cite:

Barnes, R. & Lopez, A. & Villarreal, E., (2018) “Who Gets to Decide? The Experiences of Multiracial Individuals”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity 19(1).



Published on
02 Mar 2018
Peer Reviewed