AAPI Inclusion in the Fight for Racial Equity

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With the fight for racial equality picking up around the country, people of color have united to demand the equality they deserve. However, where do AAPI individuals fit into this discussion? Does the model minority myth prevent them from taking part? Who do they side with when incidents like the shooting of Akai Gurley by an Asian American officer take place? Often times AAPIs are excluded from the conversation, not only on a national movement spectrum but also at a local level. We see it happen even on college campuses. This session will cover the issues that arise from excluding the AAPI community from these conversations, what other people of color can do to invite AAPI individuals into the space, and what the AAPI community can do to show solidarity towards these movements.


How to Cite: Garcia, J. , Lipsey, P. , McGarity, A. & Pintor, S. (2017) “AAPI Inclusion in the Fight for Racial Equity”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 18(1).