I Felt Black Yesterday! I Feel Asian Today! Understanding Multiracial Fluidity

  • Simren Ballagan (Iowa State University)
  • Ngoc Doan (Iowa State University)
  • Kpandi Lumeh (Iowa State University)
  • Shawn Van Bruggen (Iowa State University)


Why do multiracial individuals feel pressure to choose a label for their identity? Why can’t this identity change throughout the person’s life? Multiracial identity is fluid and moving, not only throughout one’s lifetime, but throughout the day as one moves between different spaces and environments. There are many limiting factors a person may use to determine which identity to put on the forefront, such as the community they’re surrounded by. If one identifies as Black and Asian American, they may act differently if they’re in a Asian dominated space or Black dominated space. Understanding the different nuances of one’s life, allows multiracial individuals feel comfortable and safe in each of the spaces they may be in. This session will be interactive in analyzing one’s own identity while also engaging in the conversation of the intersectionality of mixed race individuals.

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Ballagan, S. & Doan, N. & Lumeh, K. & Van Bruggen, S., (2017) “I Felt Black Yesterday! I Feel Asian Today! Understanding Multiracial Fluidity”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity 18(1).



Published on
02 Mar 2017
Peer Reviewed