• Biochar as a Sand-based Rootzone Amendment

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    Biochar as a Sand-based Rootzone Amendment

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Bicohar may be valuable as an amendment in sand-based turfgrass rootzones. Currently, peat moss is the most common organic amendment mixed with sand when sand systems are constructed. Peat moss increases water retention and nutrient holding capacity of the sand; however, peat moss is prone to decomposition over a relatively short period of time. Biochar is very stable in the soil profile and may prove to be a viable organic amendment for sand-based turfgrass. In this study, fast pyrolysis switchgrass biochar was used. The objectives of this research were to 1) quantify soil water retention capabilities, 2) determine water infiltration rates, and 3) measure rooting depths of creeping bentgrass in sand and biochar soils.

Keywords: RFR A9051, Horticulture

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Brockhoff S. R. & Christians N. E., (2010) “Biochar as a Sand-based Rootzone Amendment”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports 2009(1).



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01 Jan 2010
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