Armstrong Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm

Effect of Yeast Supplement on Performance of Steer Calves

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The effect of Prosponse1 yeast supplement fed to newly arrived steers was evaluated at the ISU Armstrong Research Farm near Lewis, Iowa. Four pens of approximately 32 head were fed similar diets with 2 pens receiving yeast supplement and 2 pens not. Calves were weighed on delivery to the feedlot and allocated on weight and sire. Calves were on test 34 days. There was no effect on daily gain or feed to gain. Dry matter intake trended higher for the yeast supplemented calves (P=.10). These data suggest that yeast supplement may improve dry matter intake in newly arrived feedlot calves. Yeast supplements have been evaluated in dairy cattle but have not been evaluated in newly arrived feedlot calves.

Keywords: Animal Science

How to Cite: Busby, D. , Loy, D. D. & Maxwell, D. L. (2002) “Effect of Yeast Supplement on Performance of Steer Calves”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2001(1).