• Sweet Corn Cultivar Trial

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    Sweet Corn Cultivar Trial



The 2009 sweet corn cultivar trial was conducted to identify cultivars with good ear characteristics for local marketing or shortdistance shipping. This year’s trial focused on the bicolor, high-quality shrunken 2 (sh2) types, often referred to as augmented or improved sh2. The best cultivars in this class provide improved flavor and tenderness over conventional sh2 hybrids. They need isolation from other corn genotypes in the field and careful handling at harvest, but reward the grower with the best combination of gourmet eating quality and extended shelf-life that is available.

Keywords: RFR A9025

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Lawson V., (2010) “Sweet Corn Cultivar Trial”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports 2009(1).



Published on
01 Jan 2010
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