Northeast Research and Demonstration Farm

Precision Agriculture Demonstration Project

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Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and Variable-Rate Technologies (VRT) have been promoted to producers and agri-businesses that serve producers. Improved accuracy, efficiency, profitability, decision making, and management have been suggested as potential benefits. This project was developed to provide producers and service providers with practical recommendations to realize the potential benefits of this new technology. Special emphasis was placed on making cropping decisions based on Integrated Crop Management principles and the information gathered using the GPS/GIS. The demonstration was conducted for 5 years (the 1997–2001 growing seasons).


How to Cite: DeWitt, J. R. , Lotz, W. , Cummins, G. & Pecinovsky, K. T. (2002) “Precision Agriculture Demonstration Project”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2001(1).