• High Tunnel Tomato, Pepper, and Bean Observations

    Armstrong Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm

    High Tunnel Tomato, Pepper, and Bean Observations

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Previous vegetable trials (2006 through 2008) concentrated on tomato and bell pepper variety adaption to early planning (mid-April) in a high tunnel structure. That work indicated growers should use an early, determinate tomato variety as opposed to an indeterminate greenhouse type to gain earlier production in the marketplace. The production of colored bell peppers, from traditional field varieties, was successful but did not allow double cropping because of the maturation time length before fall freeze; and, thus, was not profitable. The use of a greenhouse bell variety with a long harvest period may provide more opportunity for income particularly when using a vertical training system.

Keywords: RFR A9015, Horticulture

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Taber H. G. & Havlovic B. J. & Howell N. P., (2010) “High Tunnel Tomato, Pepper, and Bean Observations”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports 0(3).



Published on
01 Jan 2010
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