Armstrong Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm

High Tunnel Tomato Production

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This years’ high tunnel tomato work is a continuation of last year’s variety evaluation research (for a copy of the 2006 progress report see, Progress%20Rpt%2006/High%20Tunnel%20fin al%20report.pdf. We evaluated 10 varieties in both high tunnel and outdoor field plantings in 2006, and for 2007 selected the top three performing varieties across three maturity classes: early = Sunstart(67 day), 2 nd early = Mountain Fresh (72 day), and main season = Florida 91 (80 day). Our objective was to evaluate a sequential planting scheme using high tunnels and outdoor field plantings to maintain a continuous market supply.

Keywords: Horticulture

How to Cite: Taber, H. G. , Havlovic, B. J. & Howell, N. P. (2008) “High Tunnel Tomato Production”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2007(1).