• Corn Earworm Control Study

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    Corn Earworm Control Study

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Sweet corn growers frequently apply four to six insecticide sprays during the corn silking period to achieve the clean, worm-free ears demanded by consumers. Insecticides in the pyrethroid class are used extensively for this purpose and reports that the corn earworm (CEW) population is developing resistance to pyrethroid insecticides is cause for concern and necessitates that we reevaluate our approaches and products for controlling this pest. Therefore, the objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of current and newly released insecticides for controlling corn earworms. New non-pyrethroid insecticides tested in this evaluation were Belt from Bayer, Coragen from Dupont, and Radiant from Dow. A Bt hybrid, Attribute BC 0805, also was included in a treatment comparison with Providence sweet corn, a non-Bt hybrid, and the insecticide treatments.

Keywords: RFR A9030, Horticulture

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Lawson V. & Taber H. G., (2010) “Corn Earworm Control Study”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports 2009(1).



Published on
01 Jan 2010
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