Northwest and Allee Research and Demonstration Farms

Alternative Winter Farrowing Demonstration Project: Two-Year Summary

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There is growing demand in Iowa for pigs raised outdoors or in a deep-bedded system without the use of antibiotics, growth promotants, or animal by-products. Currently, most producers selling naturally raised pork market their animals to a company that requires adherence to the Animal Welfare Institute’s (AWI) Animal Welfare Standards. One of the key components of these standards is the prohibition of farrowing crates. While a pasture farrowing system is effective during spring, summer, and fall, an alternative system is needed to farrow pigs in the winter for the naturally raised pork market.

Keywords: Animal Science, Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering

How to Cite: Lammers, P. J. , Honeyman, M. S. & Harmon, J. D. (2005) “Alternative Winter Farrowing Demonstration Project: Two-Year Summary”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2004(1).