Let Me Hear an Amen: Gospel Music and Oral History

  • Ellen Garrison (Middle Tennessee State University)


In the last decade a substantial number of articles have appeared urging archivists to become activists in creating records to capture historical and cultural experiences that do not generate traditional written records, and to employ new techniques to insure adequacy of documentation. The difficulties and successes which the Center for Popular Music has experienced in developing its resources for gospel music research demonstrate the utility of one such tool-oral history-in capturing critical information needed to understand such ephemeral phenomena, and support the view that archivists should develop a multi-dimensional approach to collection development.

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Garrison, E., (1989) “Let Me Hear an Amen: Gospel Music and Oral History”, Archival Issues 14(1), p.23–29. doi:



Published on
01 Jan 1989
Peer Reviewed