Use of Pediocin AcH in Meat Preservation

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Pediocin AcH shows great potential for use in the preservation of meat and meat products. The bacteriocin persisted in sterile ground meat for up to 4 days at 25 o C, for 15 days at 7 o C and for more than 3 months in frozen samples. The bacteriocin also remained unaffected by irradiation up to doses of 7.0 kGy and high hydrostatic pressure of up to 100 kpsi. In keeping with the ‘hurdle’ concept, pediocin AcH may be highly effective in controlling microbial growth in meat especially when used in conjunction with other technologies such as irradiation and high hydrostatic pressure.

Keywords: ASL R1610

How to Cite: Dickson, J. S. , Sundaram, P. & Hubert, R. J. (1999) “Use of Pediocin AcH in Meat Preservation”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 1(1).