2012 Iowa Dairy Farm Survey

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A 12 page dairy survey was developed, disseminated, collected, and analyzed by ISUEO Dairy team in conjunction with the Survey & Behavioral Research Services (SBRS) at Iowa State University. The survey was sent to 1000 dairy producers (65% of total producers) using the IDALS dairy producer list with proportional representation from all areas and counties across the state. The return or completion rate was 38%. Results provide insight on the current state of the dairy industry in Iowa and will be summarized and provided through reports for educators, industry collaborators, and the public. This information will help educators and industry collaborators determine educational programming areas in the short and long term. Additionally results will help all audiences better understand the demographic of dairy farms, management practices used, and the future of the Iowa dairy industry.

Keywords: ASL R2798

How to Cite: Timms, L. L. & Schulte, K. (2013) “2012 Iowa Dairy Farm Survey”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 10(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ans_air-180814-831