Animal Health

Replicon Particle Administration Prior to Challenge Reduces PRRSV Viremia

  • Mark Mogler (Iowa State University)
  • Ryan Lee Vander Veen (Iowa State University)
  • Kurt I. Kamrud (Iowa State University)
  • D.L. Hank Harris (Iowa State University)


Vaccination of swine with an alphavirus-derived replicon particle vaccine stimulates a non-specific immune response. This effect was seen when animals were challenged with PRRSV at 24 hours post-vaccination. Animals that received vaccine had reduced viremia as measured by quantitative RT-PCR when compared to placebo. These results highlight the potential of replicon particle vaccines to induce robust immune responses in swine.

Keywords: ASL R2674

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Mogler, M. & Vander Veen, R. L. & Kamrud, K. I. & Harris, D. H., (2012) “Replicon Particle Administration Prior to Challenge Reduces PRRSV Viremia”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 9(1). doi:

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Published on
01 Jan 2012
Peer Reviewed